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# 01- Best label Device : DYMO LabelManager 280

Type and edit text quickly on the QWERTY keyboard of the DYMO LabelManager 280. Connect it to your PC via a USB cable for access to graphics, barcodes, and extra fonts. Reviewers loved Dymo because it is easy to use, you can be able to print horizontally and vertically way, with borders around the words easily, and with a range of clip art.


# 2- Best Value: DYMO LetraTag 100H

The handheld DYMO LetraTag 100H supplies  portability so that you can be able to  make labels wherever necessary. The LCD makes to see the label easily your creating, and the features make it fun to customize your labels. Reviewers found this label maker easy to use because of the large numbers and letters. They admire  the range of features, including different language settings, symbols and characters, and various formats.

# 03- Best Thermal Label Maker: Rollo Direct Thermal Label Heavy-Duty Printer

The commercial-grade Rollo direct thermal label heavy-duty printer supports  you produce thousands of high-quality labels every day. You need not  toner or ink, and with no need to buy specific printer labels, you’ll save money as well as time when you use this innovative device. Reviewers loved the compact size, ease of use, and fast printing speed, commenting on how much time and money it saved them.

# 04- PC-connect able  Label Maker: Brother Printer PTD600 PC Connectible Label Maker

Create professional labels for your business you may  use  the Brother Printer PTD600 PC connectible label maker. The QWERTY keyboard and graphic display make it a friendly  to use, and you can improve  your labels with  using the included software at the time of  connecting  it to a PC. Reviewers liked  the fact they could import graphics to make labels unique, and its portability meant labels could be printed anywhere, anytime .

# 05- Best With Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Brother P-touch CUBE

To Create and print labels easily from your tablet or smartphone using the Brother P-touch CUBE. The app includes many templates, or you can design yourself. For efficiency, you can utilize the spell checker  and voice to text features. Reviewers loved the small size so that they could take their label maker anywhere & any places. User  raved about how easy it was to use, even for young kids.

# 06- Best DYMO: DYMO LabelWriter 450

You need not  waste money by using  toner and ink when you will  use the DYMO LabelWriter 450. This thermal printer can print up to 51 labels per minute and can print direct from your Excel, Word, Google Contacts, and Outlook text. viewers liked  the sharp print and adhesive quality of the labels. They welcomed  that different tape sizes could be used and that custom labels could be saved.

#07 –Best Industrial Label Maker: DYMO Rhino 4200

You can Type quickly using  QWERTY keyboard and benefit from over 150 preloaded terms and symbols for all your industrial labeling needs with the DYMO Rhino 4200. To Save customized sketch  using the Custom key and take formatting shortcuts using the hotkeys. viewers liked  the awesome design and rugged construction. The industrial-strength labels were praised for their suitability in different environments.

# 08- Best Creative Label Maker: Xyron Creative Station

The Xyron Creative Station gets directly  to work without warming up because  it does not need connect to electricity. Two sizes of cartridge provide you flexibility when you create your labels and a permanent adhesive cartridge is attached with the device. Reviewers liked  the adaptability of this device, not only being able to create unique labels, along with other creative tasks, including edge-to-edge adhesive projects and laminating.

#09 – Best High-speed Label Maker: Brother QL-700 Label Printer

You can Print up to 93 high-quality labels easily each per minute with the Brother QL-700 label printer. This label maker gives you print anything from DVD labels to banners. For advancing  designs, make use of the included P-touch Editor software.Reviewers loved the fact this device saves on ink and appreciated how easy it was to switch label sizes. The fast printing and smear-proof results were welcomed by users.

# 10- Best With QWERTY Keyboard: Brother P-touch PTD400AD

By using the graphical display and QWERTY keyboard to design labels quickly with the Brother P-touch PTD400AD. As a result you can  Save time with the one-touch formatting keys and by utilizing the internal memory to save up to 50 label designs. viewers liked  the easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard, making it natural to type text quickly. The range of fonts, lines, sizes, and sample formats was appreciated too.

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