Paragraph-A Visit to a Historical Place

A Visit to a Historical Place

Man is not satisfied with what he has seen and known. A visit to a place of historical interest is really interesting and attractive. Last week I along with my family members went to visit Bagherhat. Now I am going to describe my novel and nice experience of visiting a great historical site Bagerhat. Here we saw many amazing man-made things related to the Muslim history of the sub­continent. We left for Bagherhat from Dhaka at 9 pm on 26th July and reached there the next morning. After taking our breakfast, we visited the mausoleum of great and prominent Saint Khan Jahan Ali, the founder of the city Bagherhat. Some wicked pretenders persuaded me to donate them some money so that I might gain success. I managed them wisely. Then I saw a large lake next to the mausoleum. Some old and exceptional crocodiles were found in the lake. People were giving the crocodiles hens and other foods to eat. The crocodiles were giving response to the people’s calling. It was really surprising and unbelievable. After a while, we reached the famous Shat Gambuj Mosque which is a World Heritiage Site. The architecture of the mosque and the natural scenery around it charmed me. My father was telling us the history of the historical Shat Gambuj Mosque. Moreover, we visited the Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali, the Ghaora Dighi and many other things. We left the place in the evening and went to our uncle’s house at Khulna. We returned to our house the following day safe and sound. This was a really great and joyous experience in my life. It will remain ever fresh and evergreen in my memory.


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